Sarah Inspired

Hi, my name is Sarah and this is a blog about my life, my loves and everything in between. I’m a 28 year old, actress and writer originally from the prairies. I’ve lived in Vancouver for close to three years now and fall more in love with life everyday I spend in this beautiful province. One thing i’ve learned while being here is that life and all its moments are better shared with others, so this is the reason behind “how she learned to fly”. I came to Vancouver after meeting the man of my dreams. I hate to admit that I moved for a guy, so instead I say, he was my catalyst. I had just graduated and felt the need to spread my wings and he was there to say “just jump!”…so I did. Long story short, we were engaged after six months and married a year and a half later. Since being here, I have experienced some of my highest highs and lowest lows. I decided there was no other way to live my life than to follow my heart and do what I love, so I chose to dust off my childhood dream of being an actress and actually try it out so I would never have to look back, sigh, and say “What if?” I’ve has some medium successes but spend a lot of my time repeating my daily mantra,”patience is everything”. Well, that is the quick and dirty version of my life as of now. So I would like to say, Welcome to my world! We are all in this life together!

Would you think I was Crazy

Would you think I was crazy if I told you I could hear the earth rejoicing after the rain? Each leaf holding a drop of water as if it were a precious pearl.

Would you think I was crazy if I told you I could feel my skin peeling away from my body when I sit in an open field with only nature’s hush around me? All illusions lost, I meld into the only reality.

Would you think I was crazy if I told you I could smell the mood of a tree through the cracks of its bark? The sweet smell of honey and sap when warmed by the sun, and the quiet earthy tones when wet.

Would you think I was crazy if I told you the tall grasses, even when dry and dying in the fall are embracing you when you sit among them?

Would you think I was crazy if I told you when a bird flies overhead and lets out a single burst of song, I believe it’s for me?

Would you think I was crazy if I left behind all that is or was or has been, and quietly became one with all I can hear when I am away from what they all call life. 

Live Awake

I’ve finally made another movie, somewhere between diaper changes and naps!

I wanted to tell a story about presence, to remind us all (including myself)of the gifts we all too often overlook. 

Being here, now, in this body, on this earth is not something to take for granted. We need to pause and realize that constantly chasing something externally takes us out of the present moment and robs us of the richness of simply being. 

Hopefully, you can take a moment to sit still in the quiet simplicity of life and revel in the breathtaking beauty of it all…


Change Comes in More Ways than One

A sharp wind from the north mingles menacingly with what’s left of the summer air. It feels like fall. As with anything ending I feel a bit sad but shoulder seasons are my favorite.

Transition and change come in blankets of heavy wisdom and if you line up with its subtle shifts you can feel all of life dancing in the few weeks before winter. Death, re-birth and transformation all taking place before, around and within us.

I realize too as the seasons change that our time here in Summerland is coming to an end. Our feet on the edge of a crater sized hole in front of us. We have been searching for a slice of sacred land but at this point we haven’t found it. Our 2 year rental agreement is coming to a close in April however, so we have to face this oncoming change. Parts of me inspired by the mystery others trying to hold on and resist. 

I am painting the vision that everything will play out perfectly, rich with synchronicity. Our waiting is done. Our safe spot perched on the hill was the perfect nest to welcome our new baby, but is now outgrown. 

Our land waits for us somewhere, with our very names etched into its stones. We will find it. It will come. And just as the clock feels it will run out an entire world will open before us. And we will be reminded again of the splendid dance that takes place when you step into the unknown. 

If you look back you can trace the thread of magic through your life. You begin to see the universe knows no other way. It presents reality after reality for us to walk toward. Sometimes playing with us, asking how much of ourselves are willing to take what we have been asking for…

Even in all this uncertainty, I love life, in a fervent kind of way. I think I love it more now than I ever have. And it feels like champagne bubbles and star lit nights. It feels like heaven itself has opened in front of me and shown me what I was unable to see before. 

To the mystery, to the great unknown, to seeing in the dark!

A Proposition

Summer comes to a slow rolling stop. A new season waits…change is inevitable. 

I’m looking for writing inspiration. Topics and ideas that are not mine, but yours.

If you have anything brewing inside that you wish someone would write about, send me an email or private message (anonymously if you like) and i’ll try my best to explore the topic in a short essay. 

looking to stretch my mind and writing muscles.

I look forward to your ideas!