Sarah Inspired

Hi, my name is Sarah and this is a blog about my life, my loves and everything in between. I’m a 28 year old, actress and writer originally from the prairies. I’ve lived in Vancouver for close to three years now and fall more in love with life everyday I spend in this beautiful province. One thing i’ve learned while being here is that life and all its moments are better shared with others, so this is the reason behind “how she learned to fly”. I came to Vancouver after meeting the man of my dreams. I hate to admit that I moved for a guy, so instead I say, he was my catalyst. I had just graduated and felt the need to spread my wings and he was there to say “just jump!”…so I did. Long story short, we were engaged after six months and married a year and a half later. Since being here, I have experienced some of my highest highs and lowest lows. I decided there was no other way to live my life than to follow my heart and do what I love, so I chose to dust off my childhood dream of being an actress and actually try it out so I would never have to look back, sigh, and say “What if?” I’ve has some medium successes but spend a lot of my time repeating my daily mantra,”patience is everything”. Well, that is the quick and dirty version of my life as of now. So I would like to say, Welcome to my world! We are all in this life together!

A Gentle Reminder

There are times when nothing feels like it’s taking place. Where the earth feels dry bellow your feet and the air stagnant.

Believe this is the ground work. 

This is the “dead” place where new life is born. Condemn not this place. Listen not to the voices of despair and hold on to your faith.

Hold on for something beautiful is about to sprout from what looks like the dry and cracked dessert sand. 

Beauty in Simplicity

With a world full of excess one needs to practice sitting with the simple things. Learn to zoom in on those tiny nuances we too often miss or disregard. 

This is the foundation of why I take photographs. It is a form of meditation and presence that helps me find calm ground amidst the heavy hum of the world. We have become so lost and disconnected from the softness of reality, the stillness, the quiet. We no longer honor the “mundane” and take for granted the tiny gifts present around us always like the reflection of the sky in a bouquet of roses, the soft pink petals that smell of sweetness, the buds about to bloom and the overwhelming gift of those very simple things…

There is energy and light around us always wanting us to feel it, soak into it, melt into its peaceful presence, see ourselves reflected in its calm shadow. If ever you feel lost..look for simplicity, walk in the dew covered morning grass and connect with the beat of mother natures heart, for she is always trying to call us home.

"Here I am in the freedom of nature. In the quiet of our mothers bosom. And I’m learning to walk toward her tiny gifts of light and wonder. Cleverly hidden only for eyes who long to learn from her. "

Entering Motherhood

Before my son was born my mother told me, “the act of giving birth continues for mothers far beyond our birthing rooms.” I couldn’t completely understand what she was saying until now having somewhat adjusted to this new landscape of motherhood.

Since Leo was born my days and nights have melded into this rich tapestry of overwhelming emotions, challenges and profound realizations. Never have I had to face my own demons in such a way before. I thought I had traversed my inner world and was beginning to understand how to exist neglecting to admit I had been dancing around so much it turns out.

 With his birth has come a psychic death of sorts, a sacred experience I’m convinced to bring me closer to my whole self not the one I had carefully curated. It is revealing the places within that I have cleverly convinced myself not to look and all the ways of being that have crippled me in so many aspects of my life. Only four months in and I’ve been humbled by this new being looking at me for guidance while ironically guiding me to all of the places I had dared not look before.

I am now beginning to understand what they say of children being our greatest teachers, but one is not the same without the other. It is a dance of two souls finding their way in this world. Our children are the access point for all our magnificence. We show them the way while they remind us again of all that may have been sleeping within. Mother not only guides their children to their source of love but finds it for herself again in the process.

His presence and purity have broken open within me the depths of my own being and how indefinable this existence really is. There are no words for what we come from and what is within us, naturally with absolutely no effort. He has reminded me of how far I’ve wandered from the simplest parts of myself and how divinely aligned we are when we look deeply into another’s eyes.

And this is only the very beginning….